FROM 0 TO 10

This experimental project aimed, through clay, to show the force of gravity in its constant presence and influence in our actions.  Making the impact explicitly visible is a way to understand how to take advantage of this force in order to design individual pieces, and at the same time articulate a language where the beholder is invited to question themselves about perception of objects.

“But it’s not how you fall that matters. It’s how you land” – character in the French film “Le Haine”.

Following these lines each form makes visible the forces of gravity and the power of free fall, varying from moderate compression of the original shape to nearly complete flattening.

Once the slip-casted eggs are taken from the same mould (and after the same length of time for drying) I dropped each one while still lather-hard from different heights, before firing them in the exact moment in which they lose or perhaps they find their final form.

Material: Stoneware

H15/5 x D18/10 cm

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Images by Annalaura Masciavè

Work in progress

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