Transorganico is a series of fifteen sculptural objects which is the result of the artistic collaboration with the painter Giorgia Rojas Monaco that began in New York  as a side project while working in the Gaetano Pesce studio.

The collection is radically inspired by nature and takes this further by criticising and researching Nature in modern times and metropolitan living. In this sense, New York, which best epitomises nature versus development, becomes the perfect artistic and social ethos for such an investigation.

Indeed the nature rendered by these objects is sexy, endearing and fiercely colourful, yet at the same time it is a distorted and manipulated nature for the sake of the eyes which is therefore polluted by the idealised visual world.

Aesthetically, the Transorganico is a constant crossover between the unpredictable and organic formation of the natural world and the inherently spontaneous behaviours of the resin itself. Throughout the creative process the two makers’ hands, with spontaneity and irony, hide and seek the form that is flourishing but also they let fate have its final say.

Regardless of any scientific notion, the landscapes that come into being freely draw upon botany and sea-life forms. Carnivorous plants, mushrooms, flowers, seaweed and corals are all cheeky elements of a fictional tale that speaks about nature whilst denying it.

The collection has been presented at the Showroom Gobbetto in Milan as part of the Fuorisalone event calendar within the 2017 Milan Design Week.

Material: Polyurethane Resin

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Immages by Olga Antipina

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