This project starts from an investigation into the classical depiction of drapery on human bodies and how this has been used in sculpture making over centuries.

I was deeply inspired by the statue of the veiled Christ by Giuseppe Sanmartino. (Cappella Sansevero; Naples; 1753.), and in particular by the popular belief this masterpiece is known for.

Essentially, over the centuries the skilful depiction of the veil has written into legend, in which the original commissioner of the sculpture, the scientist and alchemist Raimondo di Sangro, taught the sculptor how to transform cloth into crystalline marble. Over centuries many visitors to the Cappella, amazed by the veiled sculpture, erroneously believed the drapery to be the result of an alchemical “marblification” performed by the prince, who was meant to have laid a real veil on the sculpture and to have transformed this into marble over time by means of a chemical process.

Following this popular belief while playing with the skeuomorphic qualities of clay I wanted to engage this stylistic formula and revive it to a contemporary perspective.

Materials: Parianware

Small: H8 x D18 cm

Medium: H10 x D20 cm

Large: H11 x 23 cm

Extra-large: H13 x26 cm

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Images by Annalaura Masciavè

Work in progress

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